Free access to the Medicom Conference Report library for physicians in times of COVID-19

Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Due to the success of our COVID-19 solidarity campaign in Asia, Medicom is now expanding free access to the Medicom Conference Report library to medical specialists worldwide, now that conference travel is restricted. We live up to our mission to bring the Congress to the Physician.

The independent peer-reviewed Medicom Conference Reports cover the highlights from the major medical conferences in Europe and the US with scientific level quality assurance. These reports save time by selection of the highlights, and fill the time gap between the presentation of research outcomes at the conference and publication in the scientific journals.

Free access to the Medicom Conference Report library applies to the end of October 2020, and will stop automatically. Access includes the 2018 & 2019 Medicom Conference Report library Archive, and the 2020 conferences added during the subscription period.

Medical specialists and librarians can register here for free access.

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About Medicom Medical Publishers: The leading publisher of peer-reviewed conference highlights of the major international medical conferences, established in 1980 in Baarn, the Netherlands. We bring the Congress to the Physician!

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